Friday, October 15, 2010

The List Keeps Growing

Earlier this week I updated on Tinleigh's progress.  I had decided to take peas and green beans out of her diet. This has done wonders for her bowel movements. This alone I think will help her gain alittle weight. I have been giving her raisins. Yesterday she had a small box and asked for more, so I gave her alittle more.

Let's just say she won't be eating raisins anymore for awhile. She just pretty much passed them whole. We are taking everything slowly. Introducing one new food at a time. That's about all you can do. Starting tomorrow I am going to try and weigh her every morning to see if we are making progress. I will be updating how she is doing.  Here is her growing list of foods that she can not have.

Green Beans
Tree Nuts

What foods have you had to eliminate?

1 comment:

  1. All dairy and egg from Abi's diet (she's 13 months) and egg from mine as well because the small amount that gets through my milk affects her.