Thursday, July 1, 2010


My name is Brooklyn. I have been happily married to Brian for 6 yrs. We have two little girls Ainsleigh who is 3yrs old and Tinleigh who is one. This blog is dedicated to Tinleigh, she has numerous food allergies.

While everything we are doing is trial and error we are making the best of it. Her diet is very limited. Right now I know she is allergic to milk, soy, wheat, gluten and oatmeal. I think she has out grown her rice allergy, there are a few things she eat made with rice flour and she tolerates them very well. While some would say that's not a lot of allergies, it's finding stuff for her to eat.

We have an appointment on July 30th with an allergist. This way I can know if she is allergic to anything else. If seems like if I give her something with many ingredients she will be very fussy. It's just so hard to pin point.

I know there are so many parents out there that are struggling, I still am. So I have this blog to share how we are doing it. What she is eating. How she is progressing. There are days when I just sit an cry, feeling so helpless for her. This is a place for my thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

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