Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Phone Consult

Today I had a phone consult with a nutritionist. While I did learn some new things from her she really couldn't help me out a lot. We really can't move forward until Tinleigh see the allergist. The way the nutritionist and the gastroenterologist talked they will not do the prick testing on her. This makes me nervous with all the false positives and negatives that happen with the blood tests.

While she did suggest and new foods to try with her, she did suggest that we take away her crackers and cereal bars that we eats somethings. They do contain rice flour and she tolerates them, but she seems to think Tinleigh shouldn't eat them. Thinking she is having a reaction but not showing any signs. This upsets me just because that's two less things she can eat.

Tinleigh is also refusing the Elecare formula that she was switched to. So we are going to continue with the Neocate, they gave me a recipe to up the calorie intake. I'm also to add a teaspoon of canola oil to her veggies to give her some added calories. The hospital is mailing me out some samples and more information to look over and once I get some results from the allergist I can call the nutritionist back and we can start her on a diet. I can't weight till that day. It's like a count down to Christmas! :)

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