Friday, July 16, 2010

I Apologize

I apologize for not post any recipes for allergy friendly foods. I am holding off until we meet with the Allergist. When we get an idea of what we are to stay away from I will be posting what she is eating. Right now is is eating:

Breakfast: Banana and blueberries with 5oz of Neocate Tropical Formula

Lunch: Peas, corn and watermelon with 5oz of Neocate Tropical Formula

Dinner: Carrots, sweet potatoes and blueberries with 5oz of Neocate Tropical Formula

Sometimes she get cantaloupe and I have just started her on Apples. I know there are other options for fruits and veggies especially if we mash them up. Tinleigh is a very picky little girl and does NOT want to eat anything that resembles baby food. She gets two bottles a day of Neocate infant formula, one before nap and the other before bed. Once we get her on some filling foods we will start to take one bottle away but right now she needs her calories.


  1. Wow! I nearly fell over when I read your post- my DD now 13 was on brocade until she was 4!! I haven't seen it since :)
    Does your wee one have allergies or food sensitivity. Allergy causes an immediate reactionthat can be life threatening you isolate the food stay away from it - probably forever and it is ok. Food sensitivity is when your child is sensitive to things in the food and it is a cumulative effect- like filling a glass of water, the bit in the food that is " bad" for herbuilds up and the glass overflows. We have a few allergies & a heap of sensitivities.
    I notice your wee o e has alot of fruit , while this is very healthy normally cantalop & ripe banana are very high in salicylate which causes skin rash and diahorrea in sensitive children. We had pealed or tin pear ( in syrup not juice from the tin) as our main fruit ,and occasionally peeled apple.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel when you ow what is ok for her and whatto avoid!

  2. Neocate not brocade!! Silly auto correct on my iPhone as I lazily lie in bed blogging!!
    Have a lovely weekend,